SSL certificate not just a question of security

While surfing the internet these days, you have most likely noticed more and more sites are secured with either the little lock icon in the navigation bar and/or the https at the beginning of their web address.

Have you wondered: “Should I get this for my site as well?”

Techno24 answers with a resounding YES!

Why? You may ask.

For a number of reasons, naturally, but the two main factors have little to do with security as such.

What is a Security Certificate?

A Security Certificate is for the most part called a SSL Certificate, which is short for Secure Socket Layer. A SSL Certificate is also called an electronic certificate, a digital certificate or a public key certificate and is similar to a digital identity card. This data file links a cryptographic key to the information of a specific person or company and allows the secure exchange of encrypted data (128 bits, 256 bits, etc.).

Simply put, a SSL Certificate allows the safe and secure exchange of encrypted data between two computers. The popularity of this comes primarily from its use by the banks, in archiving, the secure sharing of data, emails and e-commerce.

On the hand, over the past few years, SSL Certificates have risen in popularity as more and more cases of electronic fraud and identity theft have also risen.

A SSL Certificate is a must today for all sites

Why would you ask Techno24 to install a SSL Certificate on your one-page information only site? It’s a single page or few pages with no e-commerce, no sensitive information, but merely a large scale business card.

The real reason is with Google’s algorithm

Beyond the main argument of the security of your visitors, at least in their eyes reassuring and giving the look of seriousness to your business, Google is tipping your hand and forcing you to install the SSL Certificate.

A question of SEO

In August 2014, Google announced that it would be favouring its searches of sites using SSL certificates over non-certified. The message to businesses being quite clear: A more secure web for all.

The use of the https protocol is unavoidable, so better to jump aboard quickly to benefit of Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) searches. Over the past year, the most popular search engines have started to “de-index” non-certified or unsecured sites as well as sites that do not have mobile versions.

Installing a SSL certificate is done at the hosting level of your site and technical knowledge in required, in particular the knowledge of Code 301. Do not hesitate to contact Techno24 to put this certificate into place on your website! We have the knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, an annually renewed certificate is reasonably priced.