Web Hosting
Apache 2 All our Linux and Mac OS X servers use Apache 2.
PHP 7 We offer the very latest version of PHP, including the most popular modules.
MySQL 5 The latest version of MySQL allows you to create your own databases. phpMyAdmin access is available.
MariaDB Databases super fast
Ruby on Rails We’re happy to offer Rails 2.0, a language that is becoming increasingly popular. We use Montrel and MongrelCluster to link to Apache for your applications.
ASP.Net is more popular than ever and our Windows servers are equipped to host your Web sites and applications.
FTP Accounts Transfer your files directly via an FTP server.
Domain name A one-year subscription to one of our plans includes a free domain name. If you already have one, we can transfer it to our servers.
WordPress Want a blog? We can easily configure your personal blog on WordPress.
POP and IMAP All of our email accounts are IMAP and POP3 compatible. You can choose the configuration you prefer.
Webmail Access your email at all times through our website, great for when you’re travelling or away from home or office.
Auto reply If you’re planning on being away on vacation for any length of time, our servers can handle an auto reply to any incoming email with your personalized message.